The Tear Jerking Soul

Out of the blue I found myself in smoke,
Swiftly I found someone to spoke.
The lady ran away awkward,
Before I could have a word.
I ran, moreover struck myself to a gigantic tree,
The tree was having a hole; there were no leaves, it’s free.
I went into the tree’s hole,
At hand I met the lady’s soul.
Apiece drop of her tear,
Talks about the fear.
I natter to her on why she ran,
She replied, “I am afraid of the scam”.
Once more she whispered “god did the scam”, “I didn’t wish to die”,
She was exceedingly juvenile who started just to fly.
I promised to bring her back and console her heart.
She didn’t accept it as true, since she knows it was shear impossible on my part.
I turned her back, we apart,
She cried in heartrending tone as we spaced out, and I depart…….
Oh no she pounced upon me,
The hairy touch I could feel on me.
My ear rip open, my eyes became widen,
I could feel the hairs again.
I came into consciousness at the moment sudden.
It was my blanket thread spread allover,
I thanked god that it was a nightmare,
I was out of harm’s way from grasp of the soul.

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