Stop Trying To Be Normal

A person is striving to be average or normal
when they purposely minimize
themselves and their dreams
so that their associates,family and friends
don’t belittle them for dreaming big
it takes courage to break away from the normal and separate yourself
from the crowd
you risk not fitting in
and not being accepted by the people
you’ve been part of
you risk having feeling embarrassed
if you don’t achieve your goals
when you said you would
you risk being disappointed
and frustrated
but the really great
make you feel that you
too can become great
the decisions to realize one’s full potential and resolve to take
one’s responsibility for one’s future
it doesn’t matter from what others say
or do,or think
none of them have your dreams
sometimes it’s a lonely path
sometimes it’s hard
sometimes it’s frustrating
but one thing is true for sure
it’s always worthwhile
i know what’s like to try to fit in
i know what’s it like to try to be normal
i used to have an external reference
but i change
i stopped trying to fit in
i stopped trying to be average
and i started striving for excellence
i started to setting bigger dreams and goals
i started associating with successful people
i don’t fit in very well
with people who are normal
but i’ve come to realize
that i fit in with people who are extra ordinary so stop trying to be normal.

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