Sounds Create Silence

Incessant hum fills air infinitely.
Not a single second unsounded.
High tides of decibels engulf all.
Each moment drown in voices.

In chaos of blares and blasts,
feeble world shatters in pieces.
Honks of modernity burst senses.
Lives clatter; turn us, deaf n’ dumb.

Hammer drill pierce into tranquility.
Unpleasant vibes spill on every cell.
Migraine splits heads to tiny bits,
splinters of brain creeps allover.

Unaware a piece of mind settles,
meditating under moonlit sky.
Ego recedes to feet of helplessness.
Mind blogs chatter, pours heavily on.

Never a spare moment of silence,
filth of thoughts drizzles incessant.
In and out, boomerang continues,
beyond under currents lie calmness.

In raft of uncertainty, we row slowly.
Well curling in whirlpool, life rolls.
Suddenly hand of mercy pulls you down.
There you remain buried in her cool.

Absolute peace prevails suddenly.
Silence of knowledge once awaken,
dances to tune of cosmic rhythm.
Creations begin again by invocation.
AU M , AUM, AUM. Silence again

Submitted by Satheesan Rangorath.

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