People We’rent All That Different

The rain drops
remaining on my window
seemed to bend
the light in such a way
as to make the world outside
into something different
a place i couldn’t quiet recognise
this didn’t surprise me
as i grow older
i found that as my thoughts
drifted to the past
everything around me
seemed to change
i sometimes wondered
when would others realize
that for the most part
people we’rent all that different
young and old
male or female
pretty much everyone i knew
wanted the same things
they wanted to feel peace
in thier hearts
they wanted life without turmoil
they wanted to be happy
the difference
i think,was that some people
think those things
lay somewhere in the future
while others believed
that they lay in the past
it was true for me
as well at least partly
but as wonderful
as the past had been
i refused to allow
myself remain lost
i would go on
i was a survivor
now a days i tried
to focus on those things
that brought me the joy.

6 Responses on “People We’rent All That Different”

Ming Chay says:


Ming Chay says:

your the best,so to speak!

Florence says:

So agree,your gorgeous.

Cheow Brian says:

i like you….. says:

thank’s to each everyone of you,have a fantastic time!

Kavendeep says:

you believe in yourself and that’s great!verynice

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