Love And Affection

“Love” and “affection”,
Are god’s creation.
Man is the intermediate to spread “love” and “affection”,
So that the bad can undergo prosecution.
Things look gorgeous and perfection,
If your eyes glance them through screen of “love” and “affection”.
“Love” and “affection” is not an outfit business,
It’s a matter of inward closeness.
Love and affectionate the pauper,
Bless of pauper will make you thrive sure.
Love and affectionate your foes,
In return it abates your woes.
Love and affectionate your elders,
You will be shadowed under God’s shoulder.
Sow the seed of “love” and “affection”,
In the garden of each and every relation.
“Relation” is humanity,
No Christian, no Muslim, no Zeus, so no priority.
The world will indubitably amend into “love” and “affection”,
If and only if a true selflessness is the implication.
Life starts with “love” and “affection”,
Ends with “love’ and ‘affection’,
Which can revolutionize every situation.
So it’s my suggestion that “love” and “affection” must be instilled to every civilization,
To put up the journey of life, perfection.

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