Life is a journey rather than a destination

Imagine the feeling
you get when someone ripped
open your chest
took out your heart,squeezed at it
and threw it back onto your face
that was how you felt you said
at that precise moment
hurt beyond repair
you know,life has it’s ups and downs
one minute everything seemed to be
filled with sunshine
and is a bed of roses
but other times
you will be right down in the pits
feeling sad and despondent
but it’s okay because
that will toughten you up
and makes you a better
and wonderful person
you’ve been hurt
it’s fine though,take time to mourn
about like i said life goes on
and i am sure
you are going to be just fine
yes,my friend
you have to let life
turn you up side down initially
so that you can live
the right side up
and i am sure challenges
will keep on happening
as our life is a journey
rather than a destination.

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