It’s Never A Hopeless Dream

I Let the fear tingle
in my finger tips
and let it go
i want to smile and dream
and feel that it’s okay
i should try to figure out
different kind of people
that i am me and you are you
i look into the eyes
of my friends,family
or the eyes of my lovely pet
to find out what is real
it’s never a hopeless dream
i believe in magic
i may lost a lovely pet
the distance of my family and friends
yet we still talk things over
and reach a helping hand
we understand each others need
we face awful touch
the terror of the halls
the deed that made us fool
the dreams that made us chase
theres a reason in the scoop of things
it’s okay to let go and says takecare untill we meet again
to those who’s very dear
but it doesn’t mean
love no longer felt
we make a picture to our love
we believe to each others dreams
from a distance with faith and hope
we touch the sun and it’s never a hopeless dream
for GOD knows
eventually we’ll catch up
come to realize and appreciate
each day of life of a distance
for all those love, distance
and lost to all we’ve learned
and somehow give us strength
to carry on of what life is to offer
it makes us feel
every corner of our heart
with courage
we welcome fear and wonders
that make us thankful for everything
that is already us
from a distance
it’s never a hopeless dream
and it’s forever love.

One Comment on “It’s Never A Hopeless Dream”

Victor says:

yes it’s true,sometimes it’s hard but love is the greatest power.

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