The enveloping nature
decides to take warning
as the clouds turn to gray,
and cloak 25th May “09’s early morning.

In the many deep browns and greens,
Loud chirping arises from the ground,
until it harmonizes
with all the panicked sounds.

The boiling clouds flood the cauldron of the universe,
And spill into a crystal sky.
Lightening flashes in the looming darkness.
And ascending high and high…

A tepid breeze rustles the leaves
high and above,
Thunder claps in the distance
as if a flock of doves

Lightning illuminates the path,
signaling the rain to start
Winds terrorize the trees,
swirling them together and apart.

Water rushes from the heavens,
an enormous waterfall upon the Earth,
Soaking everything in sight,
including a seedling’s birth.

“Rain” it’s a curtain hiding a vicious finger.
“Wind” symbolizes of a cacophony of destruction.
In the mist lies a twisting, snakelike shadow.
Infracting all high –raised construction.

An aftermath of destruction comes rue.
Lives pounded into reality.
Bodies smashed into ground.
Tantalizing the ruins of cruelty.

Many people will never be the same.
Nightmares that will live on forever.
Fearful, struggling, devastating storm.
Will cast everlasting incubi forever and ever.

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paromita says:

Its for the devastating AILA…

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