In The Flow of Time

Day wears ashes covering body in grey.
Smear of gloom in spirits hangs a steep silence.

Flint flash of a metaphor struck my thoughts.
Futile images vanished, vanity tumbled down.

Moonlit glow on my closely shaved head,
days doom in despair waiting for some one.

Casting away shades; Sun wears ocher robs.
I sunk my self in bare; craving for freedom.

Stars shine in my eyes, as world shrinks into a spec.
I found myself in a dead star among mass of filths.

World melted down before me as I too disintegrate
I wept shameless searching for the one I seek.

Your fondle flared me, awakening from deep slumber.
I thank you retaining me in full awareness of my divinity.

In you my dreams retreat flashing entire cosmic entity.
Mystic world tweaks by a naughty smile in your eyes.

I fell silent in your muteness as you filled me with love
Slipping into depths of meditation I found my self dancing

A cool breeze encircle slowly as you breathe in.
Kindling a fire in hearth of my heart enlightening me

Raining purity a plenty you stream,
sprouting fresh hopes on earth.
Peace dawn on where ever you look
while lighting a smile on every face.
Deserts bloom by touch of your feet;
Tsunamis recede by your command.
Let me un-hold you so that you will hold me
tighter, closer to you like a baby.

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