In Our Little World

How often do we look around
To see what’s going on
In our little world
If we look do we choose to see
Or just go with what we like to pretend
Are the places we’d like our lives to be
So interesting it is
To see people walking by
Driving their cars so intent
To be on being where they feel they need
Instead of where they are
So stressed and concerned
Looking for time when the truth
Is all they really have
Funny how we think it all
Mine is more important than yours
Putting so much value on things today
That will be forgotten tomorrow
Oh if only we have time to realize
All things happen in their own time
Lose our needs to criticize
What we either know nor understand
For in the end we each claim
Our own tract of land place under stone
Whose only value lies
In the how and what
We choose to see with our own eyes.

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