Hope Is The Answer

Man is an employee
Working and sweating
Every single day
Doesn’t make much money
Still, he’s got bills to pay
He questions the master
And has a long wait for his reply
Just when he’s going to give up
Comes the revelation
That hope is the answer

Woman is a mother
She’s got a lot of mouths to feed
Feels like a martyr
Frustration is what she bleeds
So many disappointments
Yet her faith it keeps her strong
Kids need someone to look up to
In times of desperation
Hope is the answer

So much suffering and heartache
Bourne upon this worldly plain
So many caught up in it
That can’t see beyond their pain
Cries the wisdom of the ages
All wounds are healed in time
Like a beacon to the future
Shines the inspiration
That hope is the answer

—-The Prophet of Life

One Comment on “Hope Is The Answer”

jessna brar says:

i love the way you’ve formed the words.you should be proud of yourself.though you could have done better.

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