Have a Heart Brave

Falling down and gathering the power again go on and on,
Pushes and pulls will make you down don’t put your head down.
Do your best, do what you can, you are the best go ‘n show on.
To see you doing best people will tease you say you‘re worthless.
Now there‘s nothing left put in your mind, yes am the best.
To win something you will have to go through ‘n suffer very lot.
Many times you’ll feel the output zero and but go on and on.
Think of your aim, think of hard work, at the last find very best.
Bruce lost all and came to cave a spider taught him ‘have heart brave’.
Same you have to do don’t call yourself man of very bad luck.
One more! Parents gave him the best up to what they could afford,
He did his level best and represented himself as the ‘mayor Ford’.
In time of trouble don’t put your knees, get up with a very heart brave.
Obviously he’ll bless you too, but you’ll have to lift thoughts up,
People are having daring and powerful]l hearts don’t afraid from them
Show if you are having something, gather courage and March,
Pack up with whatever you can do and attack to win with heart brave.
Don’t blame on him he has given you the very best things are on you.
(c.k as oliver)

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