Fear No More

It was the most excruciating pain
I have ever felt in my life
I tried to fight it off
No matter how crazy it sound
As it lunged towards me
It was too powerful
I couldn’t scape
To be fear of what you think of me
Fear that you don’t want to look at me
Fear that you don’t want to talk to me
I was sheepish to voice anything out
For fear that you don’t listen
Well,you never did!
I was afraid of everything
I can’t even think what’s best for me
The only reason i was that way
Because you made me
All those years
All those moments of doubt
Every night was silent
With no moon insight
Everyday was just
Another day of fear
That ruined my life
But i’d learned to let go
I’m no longer have fear
Of not being accepted and loved
I have learned to live with myself
And fear no more.

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ana sanchez says:

love it…..

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