Dont Let My Heart Fall

Dont let my heart fall
dont look in my eyes
tell them you want more
then once attained close the door
dont let my heart fall
take your touch now
if this isn’t what you want
silence the word you speak
if there just to find a way
the ground you’re standing on
is all too dangerous
it has a dept once entrenched
could easily bury me
dont let my heart fall
if for you
this is just a part
if you’re playing
for another hatch gained
just let me walk away
theres so much to say
but only if it’s meant
theres a long road ahead
could easily traveled
if you mean to stay
but if this just a night
a bump along the way
have the courage to stand tall
and dont let my heart fall.

2 Responses on “Dont Let My Heart Fall”

Ming Chay says:

I like this, beautiful!

Cheow Brian says:

what about let’s get to know each other?
to prove i can stand tall he,he,he,

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