Do You Hear

Her voice as sweet as chime,
falls in ears as divine chants.
Every syllable turns crystal beads,
flowing into rhythmic cadence.

Nature dances in intoxication.
Eyes wide open in ecstasy.
Foot falls in rhythmic beat,
merges in the flow of fidelity.

Cosmic dance continues,
planting steps of elegance.
Head of time rolls on floors,
gushing blood of infinity.

Music of creation rises up.
sustaining elaborate notes of life.
As abrupt note falters rhythm,
sweat n’ tears form patches of blot.

Universe reels under her feet,
shivering in tramp of might.
Entire cosmic dream vanishes,
into her womb as seed of time.

Fresh sprouts flourish again,
on the fields of divine elements.
Galaxies bloom spilling life forms.
Some were a nightingale sings

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