Disc Cleaning

De-fragmented mind rests.
A string of soul searching,
then regrouping files in order,
at last rhythmic synchronization.
Hard disc rolls clockwise, then,
anti clockwise revolutions stun.
Counter revolutions by stray groups.
Many viruses flushed into bins.

Peace settles in bulged eyes.
Nightmare resolves to fineness.
Veil of infection lifted up by antidotes,
attacks; infected cells by force.
Vision and images change.
Calm and serenity flutter its pinions.
Bad memories erased full,
as lively images reincarnate.

Doves settle down on ramp.
Day takes a dip in scarlet pool.
By Soft strokes life afloat,
stretching on back to tranquility.
Bikini clad women pop up.
Their smooth bodies shine.
as evening sun peeps in by poolside
My lap top rests after tiresome surfing.

Stars dim behind horizon.
Fully formatted mind chills,
By a cool shower of imagination
I reincarnate myself into new world.
Let me have that piece of Apple.
Give me a Blackberry to bite.
I love a tinge of spice under my blue-tooth.
Oh! My mouse is trapped in a web net

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