As The Story Goes

Everyone needs to feel important
All too often you neglect me
You give no thought and
Overly criticise of me
But always extend courtesy
And love to other people
I crave the same pat on the back
All to often you shut your eyes
I guess it would be nice
If you were say-once in a while
“There’s no disgrace when
You’ve done your best”
All too often you withold me
You probably the reason of who i am
I make a conscious effort
To remember how it felt
To be hurt and neglected
The wrongs i have had indured from you
I go home a better wife
A better mother
And a better member
Of the community.

4 Responses on “As The Story Goes”

honeystar07 says:

some days i feel like my world is going up side down but youknow today i will let go an give it all to god an let him change my world an my feeling of be up side down

clairvoyantDestiny(Jhoyce) says:

Then do exactly that my friend and stand tall.
Hope your doing good in your life.
Thank’s for giving me a read.:)

harry happy says:

hope u like it hubby

Nurulisa says:


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