And Now I’m Free

Let’s get one thing straight
it’s thoughtless
and lame behavior
which sends strong
signals to me
that im not high
on your list of priorities
and makes me feel
im not that important
in your life
i’ve been terribly upset
and let down
doesn’t mean
that you know’s better
doesn’t mean
that none of the usual rules
of good manners apply
but i stop projecting to demand
your understanding
and moral support
because the more i tried
to reach out
it reminded me of the baggage
that goes along
with any kind of foolishness
but i consider all that as a gift
so days are gone
when i had a bad day
and i’ve feeling low
i realize being on my own
does not mean
i will be shut
everynight crying on my pillow
it can kick start
a really lovely settled
period in my life
when you are not there for me
doesn’t have to mean
that i should allow myself
to spiral depression
as long as i find interesting
things to occupy me
and plenty of time
with people
who accept me for simply being me
i will have to go
with out you for a while
i’ve done that before
and i’ll survive
and now im free
from shackle of emotional pain.

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