And Now I Am Free

I wasn’t good enough
i not only felt insecure
but inner resistance
to the drama playing out around me
i was never clever enough
beautiful enough or important enough
since my mind was so occupied
with this distraction
i was unable to focus
my thought did not impower me
nor free me so that
i would experience great things
i often fail to take responsibilities
of my own happiness
and then i begun to recognise
that the power lies in my choices
i realize no one really
attact or reject us
their behavior is a result of understanding and expectations
their own meaning about us
because we cannot be responsible
for other people’s
thoughts and feelings
i realize that rejection has very little to do with us
and more to do with the persons
doing rejecting and acting differently
and from now on
i will not be suffer self-sabotage,guilt
and self abuse i will not live
of what other’s expect me to be
and now i am free.

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