A Whole World Life Infront Of Me

It often amazes me
just how far one will go
to be accepted and understood
to feel love and important
in the eyes of another
why is it one
will do most anything
while another pulls the strings
why does one
always have to have the power
and why does there
have to be any strings at all
why does one realize
there more than good enough
without any change
why does the other appreciate
what is it they’ve got
there is no need to jump through hopes
for someone who say’s
you are’nt good enough
as they cover up thier fear
that one day you’ll discover
they’ve speaking of themselves
isn’t it time the foolishness stops
and we smile over what we are
instead of worry
about what we’re not
to tell those with strings and hopes
not today my friend
theres a whole world life
infront of me
who love me for who i am.

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zafar says:

best wording with lots of inspiration

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