A Smile The Thing To Keep Us Going

Never judge a book
By it’s cover is an age old saying
The problem with the popular proverb
Is that if we can’t flip
Through the pages to accertain
The content how else
Can we judge the book
Other than by it’s cover
First impression are almost like
A court test when we meet someone
We dont have days or weeks
To examine every aspect
Of their character
What grabs our attention
Are their mannerism,personality
And sense of style
I’ve come to conclusion
That although smiling
Isn’t a rocket science
And it dont cost a thing
It is an art unto itself
You can curve your lips
While your eyes remain as stirm as ever
A smile tranform your features
And instantly make you more
Attractive and likeable
Some people call it common sense
But perhaps it all boils down
To good old fashion manners.

3 Responses on “A Smile The Thing To Keep Us Going”

Desi Burks says:

omg u have my nick name my frist name is Desiree

clairvoyantdestiny (Jhoyce) says:


Nurulisa says:

You have a good thought and good way of sharing it…keep it up!

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