A Simple HELLO

What is it about us
you and i
that prevent the saying
of a simple hello
perhaps we should take a chance
just to see if
one of us really melts
from daring such a simple deed
do we really gain
with each hello not said
does it make life easier
when we turn our head
simply walk away
will there ever come a day
when we can say
such a simple word
how long will silence echo
before we finally hear
will it be before
one friend who shared so much
leave behind thier touch
with no more stories to tell
such a shame it would be
for the one who left behind
to press thier ear to the ground
still trying to hear hello
not to hear a sound
just what is it about us
you and i
that prevent the saying hello
after all those years
that we help come and go
you’d think a simple hello
wouldn’t be so hard to do.

Submitted by clairvoyantdestiny (Jhoyce).

2 Responses on “A Simple HELLO”

Victor says:

hello…..im smiling back at you.

Clairvoyant Destiny (Jhoyce) says:

thank you…:)

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