A Light In Dark

That quiet night dogs were barking
A scary dark like demon was haunting
Surprised was I, witnessed a light in dark
Dim it was, fragile, fighting with air
As if loneliness of dark made it to fear

No one was around the light
Uncared, stray it was as if neglected
Trying to shrink in it still had warmth
Around it were few playing moth

No oil left was to support the light
Strings didn’t want to burn any more
The more it tried more it fainted
Finally fell that defeated warrior
Sacrificed its life for light that martyr…..

It died though didn’t give up
fought with bravery did its job
No hurdle could screw it up
it sacrificed its life illuminated

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Karinthia says:

That’s not just the best answer. It’s the bsetets answer!

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