A Bit Of Inspiration

A bit of inspiration, that it is,
we get from everywhere,
A bit of inspiration, of which is,
taken by us in life, to share.

We think of past, we think of future,
from which the knowledge we always nurture,
and for the present, we always so sure,
make our hard time to endure.

But what it is, the inspiration,
giving our life a mission,
for it will, where we go,
good or bad, whichever it show.

Inspiration of kind, there if any,
taken by us, one or many,
money, love, lust, anger as a factor,
used to build up a character.

Then there is something called conscience,
knowledge, experience, as to say,
as it takes us in right direction,
showing on the way, our destination.

So, its the duty of the society,
for showing us the light of the sun,
as we cannot say in individual level,
The right bit of inspiration.

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mau says:

nice composition!

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