Dear Lolo

Remembering those days when I was with you
You made me laugh when I was in blue
Don’t say goodbye and go
I’m now a nurse and give me a chance to take care of you

Six months before my graduation day
The phone rang and the other line say:
“God has taken him away.
We have nothing to do to let him stay”

I start to cry
Lolo, how can I say goodbye
Now, who will sing to me a lullaby
And dance under the blue sky

You used to speak English without a T
Commitmen_ and the 1 pieces? 1piece? oops 1pee
There’s no one like you who can laugh with me
With you I’m always happy

Now, that you’re nowhere in sight
You left September 21 midnight
While the sky full of stars so bright
You missed to see me wearing white

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Fiona Doman says:

What a lovely poem about your grandad. I lost my grandad to lung cancer 15 years ago but in 4 months it will be 16 years since he passed away. I was only two years old when he got taken away from me

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