My School Days

Why do i always remember those days,
Why do i always remember those nights,
Coz they were the most precious days of my life.

D bunks we did together in those days,
D pranks we played together in those days,
D screaming of teachers in those days,
D racing and crashing of bikes in those days.

D partying and night outs in those days,
D crap cooking we did in those days,
D fighting for small things in those days,
D liking every third girl in those days,
I still remember those days,
Every second my heart calls back those days,
Coz i still remember my friends of those days,
I can never forget those precious days,
As they are my most charming school days.

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15 Responses on “My School Days”

Tanmay Talukdar says:

u’r poem is realy nice… I will publish it in my page which is about school life..

admin says:

You can publish any poem you wish just give the author a attribution…
Poem by Abhishek –

yahya says:

i really miss my school life,,,,,i am so sad wehn i remember those days,,so precious days it was

yusraarif gheri says:

missing school days

ruth says:

I can never forget those precious days,
As they are my most charming school days

ruthu says:

those are very touching moments in my life,
and now it took 5 years after my school days…. but still i m in contact with them…….. ooiv oru friendum theva machan…

nisha arya says:

D luvly..<3<3 days my lyf…. i miss my most beautiful skul days….. nd my techers….. playground….. bt D frendz always stay in my heart…..

kanyda says:

its a very nice it

kailash parihar says:


aleesha says:

it was really awesome friend it touched my heart

Ansaam says:

wounder full. i am surprised that i have cross this kind of a letter in my school days itself. a would like to thank the person who have written the poem above, because it have helped me a lot. for tomorrow i needed a nice written poem for my class notice board. while a was looking for one, i came across this poem and i think it is very well written. so, i am surely gonna put this poem on my class notice board.

santosh says:

i like ur poem

Asif nazir says:

i realeee mis my school life

shakshi garg says:

School days are the best….!!!!

Meghana says:


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