I Hate When People Leave

I hate when people leave
It’s too hard to say goodbye
When tears are running down our eyes
As the good memories with you had fly

It’s too hard to bear
To know you won’t be here
And the only way we’ll see you –
If we think back in time, there

With the memories you have shared
Now in bedded in our mind
There’s no way we can forget you
Because all the fondings you have left behind

And now if we long to see you or
Hear your voice again
But you know it may sometimes happen
It makes us sad to feel its re-gain…

We’re sorry you’re leaving IAS and going away,
It’s with sadness we’re saying ‘farewell’ this glum day,

Your work was your life here, you loved every day,
I’m sure you’d have turned up with a penniless pay

No-one on earth could have ever worked harder,
Except maybe you when you’re raiding the larder.
This place will be quiet and dull without your chorus daily jobby song
All miss all your jokes and your stories so long,

And that’s the reason-
I hate when people leave…..

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One Comment on “I Hate When People Leave”

paromita says:

composed when my boss left our division. He is so sincere, caring and honest. Hats off to you Sudipta da, with full respect from our division.

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