Goodbye to Love

After those times of yearning, of hoping, of caring and of longing…
All those things I cared for; all the love I gave for;
All those times I thought he cared…
Yet, the day comes for me to know
That I was so blind to see
Because he cared for someone, not me…
So from now on, I told myself never to hope, to care and to love…
For in the end I was the one who’s lost in love.
But then, I know I have all my life to live
And got all my love to give
But this time I have to make sure
That someone cares for only me
Because I don’t want to hear me say again,
Goodbye to love!

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2 Responses on “Goodbye to Love”

Bidyarani says:

I like this poem that i can say to love gud bye

Juneah says:

yah ,me, too…

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