A Heartfelt Farewell

Often times we think
We are invincible
We think we will be around forever
We think our friends
Will be around forever
We think our loveones
Will be around forever
Then good bye’s come along
And forever seems so yesterday
Good bye have their their magic
They remind me of the
Brivity of beautiful things
Savour each moment
Replicates itself
The glimmer is gone
I bid a heartfelt farewell
And pray that you’ll
Make a mark in your world
Just like you had in mine.

2 Responses on “A Heartfelt Farewell”

mabel mazula says:

this is so amazingly ture and deep

hamidah mohamed says:

2u my frnd, priscah nyamohanga….u were mo thn a frnd 2 me……i mss u

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