I Know What Not To Feel Nor How To Feel!

I spend my whole childhood
Without you in more ways than one
I felt I was never had
A best childhood
Life is a continual process
Of wonder and the why’s
It used to confused me a lot
I know what not to feel nor how to feel
I spend so much time
Forlornly wondering to whether
You cared.to whether you think of me
To whether you accept and
Loved me in any way
I know how to feel nor how how to feel
Strange how time flies with such speed
I’ve since grown up
My feeling has changed
I’ve got my own life to lead now
But the past still with me
And I will certainly not
To forget about you
You are not an easy man
To forget.though your a total stranger
And with all the wonder’s and why’s
I’d never hated you
I know how I feel nor how to feel
When we finally there
Said hello.I felt the warmth
Between father and daughter
Now that you are gone
I know how to feel nor how to feel
Perhaps the only definite feeling
That I have is the nagging regret
Of not having known you more
Better before you died.

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