Everything is Fate

For a while
I feel numb.sad and upset
I was too shocked
And my world stopped
But in the midst
Of my emotional break down
I saw you.memories
Are reflecting back faithfully
I remember how you show’d me
The purpose to live
And to take care of what interest me
Too.encourage me whenever
I hit rock-bottom
When I was all alone and lost
You held my hand and show’d me the way
Thank you for everything
That you’ve done for me
What would I be without you
Never wallow in self pity or regrets
Are you’re loveliest virtues
And that’s what I want to do
To never fail to remember
And to enjoy reflecting
To your idea’s and words of wisdom
And though without you
My joy will be greater
My love will be deeper
My life will be fuller
Because you shared your moments
My beloved grandma
You’re deeply missed
And forever etched in my hear

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