Can We Stand Till Eternity End?

There’s no words can express
My feeling of a dearly missed
So near yet so far apart
Where does one end
and the other one start
The questions of so many why’s
Though you’d never there
I’d always love you
No words can express the feeling
When you were right there before my eyes.coddling me like a little girl
I was looking forward
To be with you again
With all the dreams and hope
That we will get closer
Like we never did before
But it hurts knowing
You must die like others
Before we could see each again
And that I have to let you go
but the short memories
shared lives on
I treasure them and
Hold them close to my heart
Look at me now
So much has changed
I wonder why God has this arranged
There’s so many wishes
There’s so much to tell you
So much to say
If we have just one more minute.
one day…
But I have to let you go
Your always in my thought
Forever in my heart
Always beloved and dearly missed
Daddy…I will always love you

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