A Tribute To My Father

A fondle on chest, a soft chant of love,
a sound from heart, woke him up,.
Through shaded labyrinth of silting darkness,
he opened eyes pushing up eyelids hard.
Weakness pasted his vision with receding time.
Thick rheum sticks his eyelashes down.

Pain of regrets craves out his love for life,
one more chance in order to seek forgiveness.
Body diminishes to disintegration.
One by one cell retires into stillness.
Bones clatter and rest under his skin.
Long breathes and hiccups for fresh air.

Heart-beat lives in synthesized display machine,
Blood pressure monitored in analogue
Feeble corridors of veins pump blood in vain.
His arteries and capillaries strain by low oxygen intake.
Day light dooms slowly behind his retinas.
Spasm seizes and pulls his remaining muscles.

I could read his mind on facial expressions
A sickening empathy consumes me as his tongue collapse.
My hand unaware subtly touches his heart.
Crest fallen I try boosting his confidence.
Let me beg your release from pain of life
May your soul depart in a chariot of my obeisance?
A dream vanishes beyond recollection.
Dove escapes fluttering her angelic wings

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