You And Me On A Road

You came dear in my life
a wish I had
My heart too wanted
wanted a friend true to me
you came dear in my life
Dark,Gloomy,Unpleasant it was
I myself feared from it dear
it was a dark road , moving on which i really feared
like a silver lining
emersing from all dark clouds
you came dear in my life
and all fear i had in me
your divine light turned it to ashes
yes, dear the day you came in my life
now I have someone
to walk besides me, on that dark road
It is none , but you dear

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5 Responses on “You And Me On A Road”

nadia dyah says:

sweet poems

perfection bhatnagar says:

its really great.

Dinesh singh says:

Nice dude keep it up

prince says:

dear atinder ur poem is sho sho shweet..may god bless u..

Amarjeet says:

gr8888888 poem yaar. bahot acha likhte ho.

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