Wishing Star

Funny how we remember
the things we never knew
how the rain came pouring down
when clouds filled not the sky
how we trust in each other
before we even met
oh,you can rest asured
that it’s a damn good bet
you and i will oneday
sit and wonder why
we never said good bye
before we said hello
sometimes thunder rises
making rivers flow
we just ride along
hoping to touch a shore
where we can plant some roots
finally call our home
watch our frog of lifting
to give us a clearer view
of things we thought we knew
times they are coming
when we’ll be alone again
staring on our wishing star
regreting what should have been
sitiing with our wonder
we werent more than friends
each time the rain comes
pouring down with no doubth in the sky
were sit and wonder of the love we never knew.

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