What’s Fit In An Oleh Shoe Box

A photograph
two quarters and a dime
a half written note
a set of tags
a few keys and credit cards
driver’s license and I.D.
surprising what’s fit in an oleh box
a few clothes trewn together
some will pressed
an old threwn sneakers
and well polished shoes
a mind full of memories
a room full of emptiness
no doubt the room will be filled again
the box handed over
and the memories lived
i’d just rather not
be holding these tags
through the silence laughter
echoes the days we knew
how with hair on fire
how high we flew larger than life
now within my hands and what i hold
so much more is told
than a few items in a box
for what lies
within is life well lived
cut much too short
for a greater cause
so surprising it is
what’s fit in an oleh shoebox
i’d just rather not
be holding this tags
and damn my friend
i so want you back.

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