What and who I am

Today i thought my life has ended
when i heard the words you said
spoke so calmly without emotion
that put me in place
i’ve seen to many times before
till i realize each time
i felt my heart was dead
was when new life actually begun
with break of heart
each touch of pain
comes a cleansing rain
sowing the seed of a new life
giving birth to realizing
that percieve temporary loss
lies not within me
but in those who choose
to walk away
it comes with realizing
while i’m not GOD
nor his greatest gift
i have more to offer
than most take time to know
and what and who i am
and i am becoming to be
offers something very special
to those who take the time
to know the real me
so while i’m not perfect
by any means
when someone walks away
it’s not the death of me
it’s merely the beginning
of new life as i’m becoming
who am i supposed to be.

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