Two Best Friend

Oh my friend
How could you listen to my voice
When you can no longer hear
It’s hard not to see you
Even though i know right where you are
I miss you all the times
We laid side by side
As i poured out my heart
And you listened without a word
For so many years
You were my best friend
Help to calm my fears
All things i laid upon your ears
All the tears your shoulder felt
Were match only by laugh
We carry each other through
Good times and bad
Just on the strength of love
Though i know just where you are
And visit everyday
I truly miss your eyes
And wish you could hear my voice
As i felt your touch again
It doesn’t matter
What life brings our way
Now,i’ll always remember
How you were there for me
Pouring rain,freezing snow
Or blazing sun
Two best friends always know
The love and bond we felt
That will never fade away
Sometimes it’s hard knowing
I can’t see your eyes
And you can’t hear my voice
Even though i know right
Where you are
But my Dear best friend
The love we had
Still remain the same
And that will never die.

6 Responses on “Two Best Friend”

Juneah says:

Best friend’s isn’t best if the love you have for one another fades as time goes by… Good poem… I like it very much…
God Bless you Jhoyce…

Victoria says:

Very good poem…..keep it up.

Clairvoyantdestiny(Jhoyce) says:

Thank you.:)

meera says:

tooooooo goooood

vincent says:


jolli halder says:

Very very good poem. That is for the real friend

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