To The Ones That Always There

I love the things that are made of
for real life
i’ve known many lovely faces
infront of me
but how could i say no
to the ones that always there
though i’ve yet to say hello in person
how could i say it’s hopeless dream
to a smile that dont let go
i can’t play safe all the time
but i try not to be a fool
and throw good things right out
of the window
through distance is where we meet
the fact that i don’t really know you
but from a distance i can’t let go
how could i don’t appreciate
the ones that always there
running in front of me
reaching out to share
giving such comfort and strength
how could i say you’re not for real
when i feel your touch and embrace so warm
the kindness and prayers
for every words you send to me
that put a smile on my face
though we’re apart
in between you and i
when i don’t feel you close to me
the imagination that you bring each day
is something i really need
so how could i not miss
the ones that always there
how important it could be
reinforced by hopes that anything is possible
as we’ve often proved
how much i am loved
the endless feeling that i have from the bottom of my heart
thank you for opening the door
i wish to stay in your heart
and to return it
and to be remembered for the simple things we shared
my hands will know what tomorrow’s bring but i hope for the best
and hold on to the dreams
each time i saw you smiling back at me
is the simplest things
that remind me of what life truly means.

4 Responses on “To The Ones That Always There”

bhawna says:

from me to u

VICKY says:


Clairvoyantdestiny(Jhoyce) says:

“And the echoes are endless :)”

eka soebito says:

True love will last forever..

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