The Thought Of Love

The thought of love can be so fleeting
oh yet so enduring all i know is
if i have the privilege
to win your heart
i’d do all i could not to lose it
or let it fade away
so many times i see some foolish
let such preciousness
slip through the grasp
not realising what they hold
why is it they always feel
that just over there
not to get to know you is a better fit
something so much more
than they already have
and good lord why is it
when they ask for another chance
they are welcome back with open arms
why doesn’t one realise
if they were once true poorly
they will soon be again to be shut down
from saying hello
for one to try
an ignoring an old friend again
is a curious thing
makes you wonder why and how
the thought of love
can be so fleeting
yet oh so enduring.

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