Solid Friendsip

Yes!my friend
Our relationship
Turns out pretty much
Deeper than the
Surface of our skin
Both of us
Have grown naturally
To fully appreciate
This friendship
Thrust upon us
The significance
Of our rule
Is indisputable
We have done
This give and take
We have learned
To celebrate
Our differences
While we may have
Differing views
But we are essentially means
We have learned
Not just to tolerance
We learned that there are
No winners between us
We know exactly
Who we are
And what we do
If our fire is fuelled
By a few seemingly feeble
Words of affirmation
From unlikely bunch of people
So be it
It is after
We have the priviledge
Of being able to say
“Hey!”we allowed each other
To believe in ourselves
And we touched our lives.

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