So Sad It Is…

What is it when people
You thought were friends
Who got out of your way
For turn out not to be
What you envisioned
So sad it is
You go out of your way
To help a friend
When they turn around
Bitting with barred teeth
Burning a bridge
Without care or need
Sad to admit
It’s the human way
To be short sighed
Ignoring the big picture
Of what is there or what could be
You do a friend a favor
Providing opportunity
For them to shine
To accomplished something
Then previously lived
Only in their mind
And thanks you get
Are ingratitude and false
Accusations made
It’s hard a thing
To go through life
Without feeling touch
Of cold hard jade
It’s a sad thing to admit
When mistakes friend show
It’s the human way
Such a sad.sad thing indeed.

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