So Many Friends, So Few To Trust

So many friend’s
so few to trust
ain’t it a sad and funny thing
as life goes on
the more we think
the less we know
why are so afraid to let us grow
what happened to the days
when what you said
was about you’d do
when a smile
was done face to face
not behind your back
the more we progress
the further we get behind
how long will we stieve
quick pace through our life
trying to get ahead
only to realize
we’re not even there yet
we make fun for simple times
when we held onto our belief
no longer do we cherish
what brought us to where we are
instead a new light
condemns neither wrong or right
as the fools we are forget
you can’t have one without the other
so many friends
so few to trust
ain’t it sad and funny thing.

One Comment on “So Many Friends, So Few To Trust”

Brandon says:

so very deep and you said it so.nice!

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