Rhythm – Friends Apart

Was that really you
of all the voices
i expected to hear
yours came as a complete surprise
where have you been
for all those years
or has it been just months
perhaps even days
it’s so hard to keep track of anything
yet alone time
when upon my ears
your voice falls not
when the passion run long
and two bodies come together
like pounding drums
the beat of the rhythm
was carried away on the wind
as the sounds of two becoming one
rang throughout the night
now remind me again
where it was you went
why in the blink of one eye
i was left alone with your bestfriend
was barely a friend at all
but rather as stick used
to beat out the rhythm
against the sound of the night
who when you finished
with was left alone
to struggle through each days light
listening to the sounds
of two bodies coming together
like pounding drums
that will never play again.

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