Penchant of Friendship

Now and Then I longed
For something I was oblivious
I bemused, I frowned
My God, was it obvious.

Gloomy I was, muddled I was
The subtle melancholy I do hate
A new day came into the sight
Brightened daybreak, enlightened my fate.

Behold a new breeze
Miraculous and alight
Rekindled and rejuvenated me
And made me say “I am alive”.

My writing and my juvenilia
Though very succinct and meager
Let me juxtapose this friendship
For I am desperate and eager.

Penchant of friendship, those morning wishes
They are for me an invaluable chronicle
Oh God, I thank thee
You gave me a morning miracle.

Category: Friendship Poems

2 Responses on “Penchant of Friendship”

kriti says:

awesome one……….i m spellbound

Quiana says:

i really did not understand.

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