Paint The Big Picture

Your deep emotionality
is your own worse enemy
you can be a self righteous
perfectionist as well
as moody and judgmental
you’re over whelming guilt
and worry continue
sometimes i just can’t find
what else to say when
you moan and gramble
about how you feel
battered by life
how you caught up
in the needeness and self doubt
to drive you invaded
you’re so wishy-washy
about your emotions
you’re self contered
and irresponsible when bored
and things dont go your way
yes my friend
i can be very cruel
in pointing out the truth
and no,it’s not that
i dont support you
and you know that you’ll
always have my shoulder
right here when you needed it
whatever the case
theres nothing i want more
than for you to be happy
and satisfied.

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