My Special Friend

You look and you search for the one person that truely touches your heart.
You think you found Mr Right but he is so wrong.
You kind of give up cause it’s always the same song.
Girl I love you you’rethe only one for me.
Then you discover he is not the one.
My search has stopped I looked no more.
Then I spoted you and I know you are the one.
You make me laugh and let me be me.
You always seem to say the right thing.
We have so much in common it’s kind of scary.
But I decided to relax and go with the flow.
You maybe my Mr Right I just don’t know.
I put my trust respect and heart in your hands.
From this day foward I concider you my Special Friend.

Hold my hands and lets see were we go.
No promises no drama just me and you one on one.
Whatever becomes of me and you I know you will always be
My Special Friend.

Category: Friendship Poems

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lord'one+bsk213 says:

i love you friend

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