Let Your Feeling Out

So you say you have to wonder
maybe theres your answer
it can’t be made known
how one feels about your heart
perhaps to search your own
it might be time to do
take a look at the mirror
look it dead in the eye
see all the beauty there
if youre really the one
who wants to scream and shout
let your feeling out
maybe theres your answer
to say you suppose
but you dont know
is that really the way
it’s true we’ve barely met
who am i to say
but in the hours that we spent
i paid attention
on the care you share
and i stand unashamed
to you friend
let the whole world know
i wish we were so much more
so if you have to wonder
if you have to doubt
if drama prevent a whisper
from turning into shout
maybe theres your answer
if the only thing i say
then listen will i pray
dont ever settle for someone
who doesn’t know what to say.

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