Jordan and Melody

So many things for me to write about
so many phrases to coin
the sweetness and peace of your names
how i almost turn away
from the things i see
sometimes i feel so alone
as though everything is against me
i feel as though so far to go
to find any kind of happiness
sometimes i dont even know
inside my soul
i end up at the last place
i’d never think to go
only to find there a forever friend
Jordan and Melody
when i look into your eyes
i couldn’t win
your eyes that softly said
i shouldn’t worry
that one day soon
you will be there when i fall
it will be your hands to protect me
it’s you my child
that tell’s my mind and heart
to always cling to a dream
the mother,child and best friends relationship we have
that say’s “don’t give up hope”
though things can hurt and impossible
before it even comes
surely one day it won’t just be a dream.

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