I So Value Our Time Together

A girl needs her friends
to gossip with
to share her worries with
and to have fun with
nothing takes the place of my friends
yes,i do enjoy your company
because i so value our time together
open my eyes to simply see you
to hear all the words
you think i want to hear
when you launches into a full
of exposition about
how great those things for you
but strange though it sounds
sometimes i felt annoyed
by your complaint
and the words you spill out
how you completely
overlook my feelings
and are clueless about
whatever it is you’re talking
and because i so value our time
now,i’m wondering
whether should i have said something
when you makes loaded demands
you know,when i said you’re a friend
it’s not about treasure’s or wealth
to prove your worth
so theres no need to succumb
into a comparing preasure
because i so value our time together
i say this with care
i always have your best
interest at heart
and i love you to bits
but i think your high expectations
of me for you cut me no slack at all
and all about your fears
about not measuring up
rather than how i dont measure up.

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